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date : 2022/04/11 16:07

Wide Mouth Bottle PP

Autoclavable wide mouth polypropylene bottles are rigid, translucent and have excellent contact clarity. Polypropylene caps includ

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date : 2022/04/08 17:26

15 ml Centrifuge Tubes with Snap Cap

The tubes handle small amounts of liquid and are designed for storage, spinning down, as reaction vessels, or for separating sampl

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date : 2020/06/26 13:08

ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer-Degrades EtBr、SYBR Green、SYBR Gold、SYBR Orange

ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer is a laboratory reagent intended for the removal and destruction of Ethidium Bromide contamination.it can

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date : 2020/06/26 13:03

ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer-You can even re-use your buffer after treatment

ALPHAGEN EtBr Destroyer is a specifically designed reagent effectively degrade and destroy Ethidium Bromide and result in both non

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